Accountable Stewardship
is the foundation of everything we do.



an official appointed by the lord of a castle who is solely responsible for managing and protecting the assets and resources of the castle while the lord is away.

As accountable stewards, we strive to serve our clients in the areas of Investment Management, Private Investments, and Family Office. We are passionate about responsibly managing your assets and intelligently investing in growing industries so that you can serve and bless others.

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Who We Are

Castellan is a trust-owned investment firm providing intelligent and innovative investment strategies. Our team brings together experts and decades of industry experience. We serve our clients with a hands-on, strategic approach. 
Castellan is an independent SEC registered investment advisor (“RIA”) wholly owned by a perpetual charitable trust
All profits beyond expenses of the firm are donated to charitable organizations through the trust
Our structure ensures that outstanding stewardship can be repeatedly realized for generations
Castellan combines an investment management firm with an early to late-stage venture capital firm and a multi-family office
Combining these functions enables us to efficiently serve a variety of clients  across the entire spectrum of the asset management landscape
Investment Management
Private Investments
Multi-Family Office

Investment Management

Castellan has created a number of proprietary investment strategies that emphasize the management of risk exposure, discipline, and VolPar™. We prioritize the alignment of incentives through our fee structures.
Investment Management

Types of Investments 

Private Investments

We partner with entrepreneurs and leading industry executives to drive growth in healthcare technology, green technology, and emerging brands. Castellan is able to offer management teams a unique value proposition through our wealth of experience and network and proprietary Best Practices Database.

Multi-Family Office

Castellan’s family office team takes a holistic approach to help you improve your returns and simplify your life. We provide outstanding stewardship by using our five pillar approach.
Pillar 1

Investment Management

Castellan has created a number of proprietary investment strategies that emphasize management of risk exposure, discipline, a process orientation (not outcome), discipline, and avoidance of fragile situations.
Pillar 2

Private Investments

Through our in-house deal sourcing abilities, investment processes, and deal structuring experience we provide accredited investors the unique ability as a financing partner to provide capital across all stages of the business lifecycle, from pre-seed venture capital to private equity exits for mature businesses.
Pillar 3

Tax Strategies and Estate Planning

Through coordination of both your advisors and our own advisors, we work to improve existing tax planning and the development of innovative tax strategies. We are able to assist with the preparation of the monetization of private investments, forecasting future tax impact, and maximizing wealth transfer through the implementation of various legal vehicles. Also, through our Pillar 2 investments, we offer the ability to structure Opportunity Zone investments.
Pillar 4

Philanthropy and Legacy Planning

Through direct, hands-on collaboration, Castellan offers a comprehensive legacy planning process that allows families to bring their family vision and charitable goals into a tangible reality. As our focus is to be a long-term partner, we actively take a role in education of the next generation to be stewards of the family values and assets. We also assist in the creation and operational management of family foundations and actively advance grantmaking ideas.
Pillar 5

Reporting and Risk Management

In conjunction with the first four pillars, Castellan actively works to keep you informed on the performance of your entire universe – Castellan-managed strategies, other managers, private investments, etc. – through financial reporting, with individualized commentary to provide the right context, for each client to provide a full and detailed picture. As part of our commitment to risk management, we also step in to coordinate with outside legal advisors to manage special litigation situations and legal entity governance. Castellan also advises on select opportunities for insurance policies as they arise.
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Louisville Healthcare CEO Council Aging Innovation Fund

We are facing an alarming healthcare crisis. By 2030, the number of adults over 65 years in age will increase from 46 million to 74 million in the United States. Castellan Group and the Louisville Healthcare CEO Council are bringing together experts to lead unprecedented innovations in aging and healthcare. The Aging Innovation Fund will fill a critical void in the healthcare and aging innovation industry, which often lacks the necessary funding and coordination, to bring healthcare technologies to market.
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Our Values

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Best Practices Database

Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs - Our Best Practices Database provides proprietary insights and strategies from our founding partners.

Our Team

Barry Brauch
Managing Director
Brian Cohoon
Director of Wealth Management
Nate Kibby
Vice President - Private Investments
Camden Booker
Senior Associate - Private Investments
Kevin Storn
Director of Portfolio Management
Ben Davison
Senior Associate - Investment Strategy
Shannon Bradbury
Director of Administration and Compliance
Kate Ponder
Client Services Director
Angela Flemons
Client Services Administrator
Sean Smith
Co-Founder Entrepreneur Advisor
Scott Smith
Co-Founder Entrepreneur Advisor
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