Pillar one

Investment Management

Our current investment strategy offering includes:

  • Guiding you in understanding your goals
  • Oversight of your exiting private investments
  • Functioning as your deal team to provide comprehensive due diligence of new investments you are offered
  • Applying best practices across portfolio investments
  • Providing a framework for entrepreneurs to build future and/or existing businesses

Castellan’s investment team will guide you on understanding your goals for your future investment. We will then help you create and maintain the three portfolios for successful investment:

Aspirational Portfolio: create dynastic wealth & impactful giving

  • Venture Capital
  • Growth Equity
  • Mature Buyouts

Market Portfolio: fund annual budget & maintain your lifestyle

  • Volatility Parity
  • Defined Outcomes

Safety Portfolio: manage risk, create a margin of safety, & fund opportunity

  • Cash Cushion
  • Opportunistic Cash
  • Hard Assets
  • Insurance

Pillar two

Private Investments

Overall Strategy:

  • Min $1 mm check size, $2-5 mm preference but will go higher under the right circumstances 
  • Look for situations where Castellan can contribute actively through application of best practices, strategy, and business development
  • Minimum revenue run-rate of $1 mm with 30-50% year-over-year growth rate
  • Commercial stage businesses with strong management teams
  • Target big markets with powerful tailwinds driving them – visibility to $100 mm enterprise value
  • Preference to be lead investor
  • Willing to be flexible on capital structure
  • Invest for the long-term and across all stages from Seed to Pre-IPO

Pillar three

Tax Strategies & Estate Planning

Our Family Office Will Assist You With Two Main Tasks:

  1. Providing Tax Strategies
  2. Developing Your Estate Plan

Steps to Providing the Best Tax Strategies

  • Coordinate with your advisors on existing tax planning and development of innovative tax strategies
  • Prepare for the monetization of private investments
  • Tax impact forecasting – harvest taxable losses
  • Emphasis on the timing of these tax strategies

Steps to Developing Your Estate Plan

  • Coordinate and communicate with your tax and legal team
  • Maximize wealth transfer by creating an estate plan utilizing various vehicles (GST, GRATs, Dynasty Trusts, etc.)
  • Update plans to reflect current law and tax guidance
  • Continuous monitoring of wealth and life changes to meet the needs of the family

Pillar four

Philanthropy and Legacy Planning

Our Goals When Planning Your Philanthropy Aspirations and Legacy:

  1. Protecting and Building Your Legacy
  2. Laying a Family Foundation

Steps to Building Your Legacy & Meeting Your Charitable Goals

  1. Comprehensive Legacy Planning Process
    • Collaborate with families on their values, purpose, and mission statements
    • Develop strategies & charitable goals
    • Educate the next generation on your family values, finance, and philanthropy advantages
  2. Ensuring your family values and charitable goals WILL BE ADVANCED
    • Establish mission, goals, and objectives
    • Advanced grant-making ideas

Steps to Laying Your Family’s Foundation

  1. Assisting in the creation of Family Foundations
    • Help direct your donations toward effective causes
    • Monitor organizations’ KPIs to confirm the impact and report the results
  2. Operational management of Family Foundations
    • Coordination and oversight of Director/Trustee
    • Assist and review the filing of 990 and tax compliance

Pillar Five

Reporting & Risk Management

Our operations and family office is tasked with two support systems:

  1. Reporting and Legal Support
  2. Risk Management

Keeping You Informed About Your Universe

  • Accounting, personal balance sheets, income statements, cash flow documents, personal finance reporting, domestic payroll, and tax preparation
  • Investment reporting with commentary individualized for the client

We’re Here for Legal Support

  • Coordinate your outside legal advisors

  • Manage special litigation situations

  • Governance and registration of legal entities

Risk Management

  • Determining proper insurance coverages

  • Assistance with major personal financial transactions

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